Bestway Flowclear Pool Surface Skimmer

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Bestway Pool Surface Skimmer attaches to a filter pump and sucks up leaves and other floating debris before it can build-up at the bottom of a pool. The surface skimmer has an adjustable bracket that hooks onto the side of a pool and can be moved up or down in level with the water's surface. The skimmer's little hose attachment connects to the swimming pool inlet, where water is drawn out by the external filter pump. As water is sucked towards the surface skimmer its straining basket traps debris, such as dead beetles and fallen leaves. The basket is easy to remove and, because it's made from corrosion proof plastic, simple to clean and maintain. Bestway Pool Surface Skimmer takes the stress and strain away from manually cleaning leaves and debris on a scorching summer's day! Compatibility: Compatible with pumps with a flow rate of 800 gal/hr. (3,028 L/hr.) or more Compatible with Fast Set measuring 15ft or more Compatible with Steel Frame measuring 15ft or more Compatible with Rectangular Frame and Oval Fast Set pools